Never compromise if the subject is your safety !!!

Never compromise if the subject is your safety !!!

E = Enclosing function. No flawes or combutible gases on the unexposed face.

EW = Reduction of radiation. EW ofters an additional effect compared to E due to its reduced passage of heat radiation.

EI = Insulation, vesides the integrity aganist fire smoke and hot gases a thermal insulation is provided.

The ‘raison d‘être’ for fire protection is to prevent the production of fire and smoke and to make fighting the fire easier. If escape and emergency routes have been provided, then they must be capable of sealing away both fire and smoke.

The classification of fire protection glazings is made in three classes as E, EW and EI according to DIN EN 13501-1 .They are characterized by the ability to separate heat from one room to the other, with the ability to withstand a fire from only one side in accordance with the fire classification of a building part.

Our fire resistant glass ( EW30,EW60,EW90,EW120,EI30,EI60,EI90,EI120 )consists of special glass structures. In case of a fire, the glass unit produces foam that is generated by the heat produced; this foam has an extremely high insulating effect. This then fullfils two important functions:

  • The side that does not face the fire continues to remain at normal temperature. In this way, heat does not radiate.
  • The glass in the fire protection element becomes opaque and this makes rescue easier.

Our Fire Safety Glazing Accessories are complementary parts of fire safety glass.İn case of fire, they support the performance of the fire safety glass with expansion and cooling characteristics.