Custom-built solutions for fire protection glazings

lntumescent Materials 
Higher requirements on the different fire protection glazings have been leading to a more frequent implementation of intumescent materials in glazing constructions. 

Thus, the constructions benefit from a reduced passage of heat and higher mechanical stability. Due to their different technical perfarmance, the great number of different intumescent materials such as Kerafix • Flexpress 100, Kerafix • Flexpan 200 or Kerafix • FXL 200 allows a comprehensive variety of applications. 





Accessories far RO K u· Round Glazing System G HL
For high quality doors the appearance plays an important role. The ROKU • glazing rings meet highest requirements due to their seamless joint manu­facturing. The whole system is accomplished by integrated rubber profiles allowing a perfect fitting. The accessories far the ROKU • Round Glazing System GHL comprise round glazings in different sizes, rubber profiles in different cross-sections, screws and nuts. 





Customized punched parts   
For all sorts of fire protection applications we offer customized punched parts. Precise cuttings in almost every manufacture makes our building and plate materials to an convincing alternative on the market. Depending on the field of application the punch 
parts are manufactured of intumescent materials e.g. Kerafix" Flexpan 200, plate materials e.g. ROKU V4 Gypsum Board or cooling insulators e.g. Kerafix" Coolmax. 



Special sandwich elements 
For special constructions we offer various combinations of different products as sandwich elements, also available with adhesives. 

Thus, the advantages of the compressible Kerafix" 2000 may be combined with the technical features of intumescent materials. 

Sandwich elements are available in different product combinations depending on the requirements on the building components.