Functionality and classification of fire protection glazing materials

The classification of fire protection glazings is determined according to DiN EN 13501-1. There are three different categories which define the ability of a building component with an enclosing function to withstand a fire according to a determined time. 
The fire classification rating is tested in a test laboratory and eventually documented by an approval certificate. This approval certificate contains all provisions for the installation of a building component and its construction. 

E = Enclosing function. No flames or combustible gases on the unexposed face.      EW = Reduction of radiation. EW offers an addi­passage of heat radiation. 

El= lnsulation. Besides the integrity against fire, smoke and hot gases a thermal insulation is provided.

More research. More control. Much more safety. 
in order to keep up with the most recent developments of economic processes and reliable materials, our employees are maintaining a permanent contact with the most important manufacturers of the glass industries. in laboratories with special furnaces we are imitating fire situations and thus amplify our know-how continuously .. 

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